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Background and Method

This meditation has a very systematic and simple 7-level structured method with real results that occurs for all individuals. People state they feel more comfortable, peaceful, and lighter. 


Historically, one of the biggest obstacles in overcoming problems in life and reaching enlightenment was simply the fact that the mind could not be precisely defined. This prevented people from discovering who they are truly and how to become Truth.



This meditation clearly defines the human mind as an accumulation of pictures or images, stored within one’s body and mind. These pictures or images are an accumulation of past experiences, which are taken through the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and body sensationally and emotionally. These pictures or images keep us in a prison of patterns of thinking, and also control how we react daily and keep us as a slave to our habitual habits. These images are not who we truly are. Each picture or image is stored in the mind with emotions, thoughts, and attachments to people, places, and things. They create the individual’s “mind world”.



As you practice this meditation, you will realize the mind that was filled with pictures or images from the past is being cleansed, eliminating all burdens from one’s mind. Now is the time to live in freedom! Now, anyone can know and become Truth, whereas  previously we only read and heard about Truth. You will get to know all the answers to the basic questions of life:



Who am I? Where do I come from? Where do I go when I die? Why do I live? What happens to me when I die?



You will discover the answers to these questions as true wisdom enters into your mind by cleansing the false mind. Through the method of this meditation, you can cleanse your false, ego mind. This involves a guided simple step-by-step method that anyone can easily follow.



There are seven levels in this meditation. Even after completing just the first level, you will get to know that the true mind, which is the universe, has come in and actually reach enlightenment! You will experience the Universe that is within your mind.


Level 1: Throwing away remembered thoughts
Level 2: Throwing away images of myself, images of human relationships, and myself

Level 3: Throwing away the image of my body
Level 4: Throwing away the body and the false universe
Level 5: Throwing away the body and the false universe
Level 6: Myself disappears and becomes the universe
Level 7: Throwing away the picture world and myself living in that world; habits

Our meditation is a guided meditation that consists of seven levels. Each level has a unique method to eliminate the false human mind. Anyone can practice regardless of age, race, religion, belief system, or ideology.



  • Your face becomes bright 

  • Your face becomes the most beautiful according to your style

  • Illnesses disappear

  • All the mind clutter disappears

  • You are able to succeed, your efficiency can be boosted by more than 10x

  • Exhaustion disappears

  • You are always in comfort and happy

  • You have confidence in whatever it is you do

  • You will become illness-free and have longevity

  • You achieve Human Completion and live forever 


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