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How do I become mentally strong?

J.W Oh, Meditation Guide

As a person who had a weak mental strength, let me introduce my personal experience of how meditation affected me.

I studied Korean music in college, so I spent a lot of time practicing Korean drums and performing on stage. When I was faced with challenges while practicing drums, I was overwhelmed with hardship and negativity. I used to distract myself by drinking alcohol, eating food, and watching movies to cope with my stress.

Since I used to perform without practicing sufficiently, I was not confident, and I made frequent mistakes. When I made a mistake during the performance, it was very difficult to stay focused and keep going with the flow.

I carried the same mindset with other aspects of my life including my relationships. In times of crisis, I wasn’t persistent, and I lost many opportunities. 😐

I started meditating when my drum teacher invited me to attend a meditation retreat, that was when my life completely transformed.

Not only did they teach me a clear method on how to catch myself dwelling in my negative thoughts, but also how to discard them. The method was so powerful that I let go of the roots of my negative thoughts. I learned my negative thoughts were from my pride, inferiority, frame of mind, and attachments. The battle was with my ego, and it was so strong that I felt the urge to give up many times. It took a lot of courage, persistence, hard work, and sincerity. I felt a sense of freedom every time I let go of my ego, so I kept at it. Finally, when my ego was completely diminished, I felt the ultimate freedom- freedom from my own mind that had me trapped. 😊

After a year of continuing to practice this meditation method, I could feel a huge difference in my stage performance. The way I prepared for a performance changed. I kept looking for ways to improve where I was not confident by asking my teachers for advice, seeking feedback from my peers, and practicing until I felt good about it. I also made use of what I learned in meditation. I started clearing all my thoughts, fears, and expectations before going on stage. With a clear mind, I could be in the moment and I didn’t feel any tension or blockage in my body and mind when I was playing. If I made little mistakes, it didn't matter. I was still able to go along with the flow of the performance and enjoy the moment. By clearing my mind, my focus and resilience had tremendously improved.

Along with my music, other areas of my life improved also. Since the volatility of my mind disappeared, I became more centered and grounded. My capacity has greatly expanded. I can cope better with hardship and negativity and be persistent without giving up or compromising. I can transform crisis into growth and take on many more opportunities in my life compared to before. I am so happy to be at this point in my life. 😀

Meditation is the key to increase your mental capacity and strength. If you want to become mentally strong, try this meditation of cleansing your mind. Please check the video below to find out more about this meditation I learned. Thank you. 🙏

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