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What is the best way to meditate?

Mago Kim, Yoga Instructor

I think to find out what is the best way to meditate is first to understand what one’s mind is exactly. Actually we have no idea what the mind is and how it works even though we are laughing and crying all the time caused by these countless minds.

Let’s see the most fundamental instinct we all humans have. We are always busy to be satiated, filling tummy with delicious food, greed with money, and affection with people’s attention. But where do you think does all of these go away? 🙄

To be more specifically we try to fill up the mind a lot more than we do for our body.

Insatiable inner side of human has to be comforted by having something and that is various kinds of the mind.

We’re constantly adding some of negative and positive minds.🗯

By adding all these minds can it be eventually filled up? Rather it’s the opposite. The mind is not a material but an illusion. The more we try to fill in, the more it feels empty. Just like we always do, we keep on adding more and more and storing in the mind.

The reason why I depicted ‘ we store the minds’ is because once we take it, it just remains as it is forever without giving any sign to be discarded on its own.

After we eat meals, we go to the toilet and discrete. 💩But the mind keeps piling up and we don’t know how to discard it. As times go by, those minds I have collected throughout whole life get clogged and stuck inside just like constipation. That’s why people tend to experience to get more stubborn, more depressed, or more hysterical as they get aged. And if it gets worse, it turns into severe depression, anger control disorder or being in a state that one keep repeating his story over and over again.😱

We have a method to empty those accumulated minds, and that is meditation.

Let it go. Empty your head. You probably have heard of it so many times. But I think I’ve never figured out a way to do it actually. I just try to forget about it or put it aside, saying that time would heal. But it was just a trick to put things out of my sight. The minds that you keep it hidden would grow out of it, rot and eventually lead to more problems.💀

Discarding the mind actually and forgetting it are two different things.

Getting rid of all the poops of the minds is actually a way of discarding. To do so, you need to face all these minds first and then you can easily imagine how light it’d get if all of these were gone from your mind forever.

So I would recommend people to do meditation that can help discard their mind sincerely. 🧘‍♀️ I’ve tried other kinds of meditation over the years but it’s pretty hard to say that you could empty your mind completely just by focusing on this moment with eyes closed. It only could give you some of peace temporarily and you won’t have any ultimate change inside you. You probably feel difference between discarding and just calming down as you shake off your mind just like you clean up your entire house. Of course a huge amount of dirt and stink inevitably follow during cleaning up the mind.💨

In doing subtracting your mind first you need to reflect back on life you’ve lived and see what is on your mind. And it’s very important to realize that all of these mind are pictures that I’ve taken from self-centered point of view.

Everything in one’s mind is one’s point of view and a film with his own interpretation that exists only inside him. That film can only be seen by him and cannot exist in the world. It is just literally illusion. In fact it’s not easy for anyone to know about this. So it takes quite enough reflecting and discarding to have glimpse of it.

If you have already tried other types of meditation and want to learn more deeply or if you just want to lighten up your mind, it would be great idea to try this method of subtraction. I found this meditation because I wanted to know who I am but I think there shouldn’t have to be a big or fancy reason why you start this meditation.

If you feel like having a constipation pill for your mind, you just need to find a place to get it.👌

I’m sharing this helpful video with you guys which explains about various types of meditation and which one would be the best way of meditation for each one of you. Hope it helps you understand better.

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